Bim Son Cement Plant
So far the project has constructed 85% of the volume of work handed over to General Machine Company of Vietnam. Total Company direct, requiring sub-contractors (as the unit members) participated
Construction National Convention Center
NCC is considered one of the three largest conference center in Southeast Asia today   Bài viết liên quan Nghi Son Oil Refinery views 41 Corporation Bach Dang Construction -
Lach Tray Stadium
Lach Tray yard was built in 1957 from a tennis-horse (an earthen pitch sidelines of the club Lach Tray Street Race). A year later, in the afternoon January 1, 1958,
Residential Projects Go Gai – Thuy Nguyen – Hai Phong
* Location of project: – In the north residential and offices, nearly 351 routes – South borders the residential area – The East borders the residential area along Highway 10