Complex Buildings of Commercial Services and Housing in Nguyen Chanh St.
Project land area of 1300 m2, total investment is 250 billion VND in which the value of investment in 2010 is 50 billion VND. The investor is the cooperation of
Complex Project Office building, commercial leasing services at 268 Tran Nguyen Han Street, Le Chan, Hai Phong
Construction site of the project: 268 Tran Nguyen Han Street, Le Chan, Hai Phong. Southeast: Tran Nguyen Han. Southwest: JSC Truong Hai Auto. Northwest: 266 Lane and residential areas. North-east:
Establishment Van Loc Investment Joint Stock Company
Van Loc Investment J.S Co. was established by three founded shareholders is Bach Dang Construction Corporation, Vietnam Oil and Gas Financial J.S Company and Vietnam Oil and Gas Insurance J.S
Bim Son Cement Plant
So far the project has constructed 85% of the volume of work handed over to General Machine Company of Vietnam. Total Company direct, requiring sub-contractors (as the unit members) participated